Profile | Abstract art and painting in Hvidesande – one hour from Herning

Naturalistic, expressionistic & abstract

Ayoe Lise Lysgaard Pløger | Graphics designer • Artist • Teacher

Do you dream of decorating your home or business with abstract art or an abstract painting? I create paintings and abstract art that spark the imagination and send you on an exciting story that only stops where your own imagination sets limits.

Do you have questions? Then you are welcome to call or write to me on 2071 4697 or

Abstract painting and art

My intention with my paintings is that they should be narrative, experimental, and then they should challenge the viewer’s visual world and imagination. In my gallery and studio you will find both a selection of abstract paintings and art as well as paintings inspired by nature.

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About Ayoe Pløger

I was born in Ungstrup near Kjellerup. I love nature, animals, birds – and watching them fly freely. I love the open spaces and the high sky, with its changing moods. I love the forest, with its secrets and deep peace. It is in nature and observations between people that I find the main source of my inspiration – and my symbols, which are found in all my paintings.

I live in Brande, where I work in my studio and as a teacher. Want to see a specific abstract painting and or abstract piece of art I’ve done? Then you can see my works in Hvidesande, only a short hour’s drive from Herning, Varde, Esbjerg and Holstebro.

My paintings

There are many layers and details in my paintings. Through my own perspective, I retell experiences and thoughts about life. My style is naturalistic/expressionistic with a simple symbol universe. I am not limited by a certain style or form of expression, and I am always curious of new paths to go.

In my colour palette, I rarely leave out the colour blue. The sky above us colours our day and is reflected in everything.

Blue gives calmness, balance, and stability. Blue is like taking a big mouthful of fresh air or like gazing out into a clear and endless horizon, full of stories, full of new experiences, where everything is possible and anything can happen.